The GolfBC Championship Trophy was envisioned as a unique and special piece, to reflect the history and landscape that is Gallagher’s Canyon.

Titled GALLAGHER’S GOLD, the trophy is a sculpture commissioned by Okanagan Blacksmith Artist Doug Alcock.

Forged steel is metal made malleable by fire, then worked with hammer and anvil. Alcock turns this hot metal into textured organic shapes, and combines with other hand forged objects and found pieces, also relics of the past with their own history, to create a storied sculpture.

Gallagher's GoldThe upright shape of Gallagher’s Gold resembles the sandstone hoo-doo like pinnacles of Gallagher’s Canyon. Ridges carved in the metal structure – the rugged lines and layers of Layer Cake Mountain.

The large shard of textured glass with gold glaze speaks to the import of the gold rush in the late 1800’s, and of prospector and resident of the canyon, Daniel Gallagher, the canyon’s namesake. Included, part of a gold scale, a counter-balance once used to weigh gold nuggets.

Along the side, a length of irrigation flume, riveted and rusty that brought water from Mission Creek to the flat lands of East Kelowna, to support orchards and changes in agriculture.

A feather represents First Nations presence.

One piece – two stories – as sculpture it tells a story of our history, as a trophy it can add the story of a championship.